Frequently asked questions

We are available in person Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm EST. We are available 24/7 through the email link on the Contact page.

Coaxial cable is pure copper or copper-coated wire surrounded by insulation with an aluminum covering used to transmit television, telephone and data signals. Fiber optic cable is made of glass that transmits a beam of light, it is also used to deliver the same types of signals but carry much wider bands of frequencies.

There is a basic map of service areas and planned future installations on the Services page when you select a plan, but otherwise give us a call to find out for sure.

Honestly, most people get the combined service. It simplifies the payments rather than having a seperate tv and internet bill through other companies. And who doesn’t like having the best of both worlds?

It can differ depending on the service you need installed. Just fill out a contact form for the service and we will let you know beforehand. No commitment necessary.

We are available by phone or email and will return the call in the order they are received. Contact Us

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