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I've never had any issues with outage or anything. The IPTV is awesome, and the internet is crazy!
Everybody should give it a try, he loves the internet, and I can keep up on the shows that I watch!
Gwen & David
I've never really been that good with computers, but if I have an issue, I call them, and they fix me right up.
They got back to me really fast about the new service, they installed it with no issues and no mess!

If you are inquiring about a new service, make sure to put the type of service (IPTV, Internet, Both) in the subject line below so that we can more easily assist you. If contacting us for any other reason make sure to specify that as well. As always any and all correspondence is appreciated and we thank you for your time! Anecdotals may use different names and/or pictures of those whom they are attributed to for privacy reasons.

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